10 most expensive hotels in Venice

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Venice is a beautiful city, full of charm and an atmosphere that you will not be able to live in any other city in the world.
This article collects the 10 most beautiful hotels in Venice, we want to identify what we believe are the 10 most enchanting accommodation facilities in which to stay.
In this research we have not only focused on Venice as a “historic center” but we have expanded our basin also to the Islands (including Lido) and the “mainland” (for which Mestre also).

B&B Bloom

Elegance and refinement are just two of the elements that distinguish this bed and breakfast: you will be satisfied even if you are looking for a warm and welcoming accommodation.Modernity blends with classic Venetian style creating suggestive décor. We advise you to take advantage of the terrace with a panoramic view of the Serenissima, the strong point of this structure!

Hotel Stern Palace

10 most expensive hotels in Venice

This structure was built where one of the oldest Venetian-style palaces once stood (once home to a well-known art collector): it is a building with refined and particular architecture that will guarantee you a romantic, almost fabulous stay. Another strong point is the terrace on the Grand Canal, in fact it will offer you a breathtaking view of the Lagoon. If you are a movie buff, know that this hotel has been the location for the famous film “The Italian Job” with the beautiful Charlize Theron.

Hotel Baglioni Luna

10 most expensive hotels in Venice

The Hotel Baglioni Luna derives from an ancient aristocratic and centuries-old palace. In addition to a very suggestive décor and a breathtaking view of the Lagoon (which you will surely be admiring) this property offers numerous suites, furnished with a particular style that is inspired by the characters of ancient Venice of the 500.We recommend the San Giorgio Terrace Suit, one of the most precious pearls of this Hotel (the terrace of over 100 square meters offers a unique view of the Lagoon and the Island of San Giorgio).

Hotel Danieli, A Luxury Collection Hotel

hotel danieli luxury hotel venice
10 most expensive hotels in Venice

We are talking about the most famous and renowned hotel in all of Venice, so top of the top.The view of the Lagoon from the suite and the restaurant terrace are something that is priceless, unparalleled. This hotel has all the cards in order to compete with the best hotels in the world and could be what you are looking for if at least once in your life you want to treat yourself to a dream night in romantic Venice.

Hotel Hilton Molino Stucky

hilton molino stucky in venice
10 most expensive hotels in Venice

Resurrected from the ashes of the famous Stucky mill, this hotel has kept the “old” neo-Gothic architecture unchanged. The building is striking for its abnormal proportions compared to those of the traditional Venetian buildings on both sides of the Giudecca Canal. Despite being a 5-star hotel, the hotel’s continuous offers make it very attractive and in demand, given also the breathtaking view that can be enjoyed from the roof (panoramic restaurant and swimming pool).

Hotel Villa Laguna

villa laguna lido of Venice
10 most expensive hotels in Venice

The hotel is the result of the restoration of an ancient Habsburg palace, located in lido di Venezia, away from the confusion and crowds of tourists (a real oasis of relaxation). This hotel is one of the most requested because in addition to being exclusive (during the Film Festival it is frequented by actors and actresses) it also has an excellent combination of quality and price. You should also know that the hotel has few rooms but very large so if you are interested in staying at this hotel, book on time. Its peculiarity is the breathtaking view of the Lagoon and St. Mark’s Square, enjoyable either from the terrace or from the suite, both with garden (for the most romantic).

Al Mascaron Ridente

hotel at the mascaron laughing venice
10 most expensive hotels in Venice

It is a completely renovated hotel, located in the oldest Sugar Refinery in Venice. This property is characterized by a refined and elegant design, throughout the hotel the contrast between ancient and modern is accentuated. Another peculiarity of the hotel are the bathrooms of the rooms, furnished with tiles made of original materials, respecting the Venetian tradition.

Hotel Ca’ Nigra Lagoon Resort

ca nigra lagoon resort in venice
10 most expensive hotels in Venice

A romantic residence in authentic Venetian style, which seduces lovers of beauty with collectibles and breathtaking views of the most romantic canal in the world, the Grand Canal. In the city on the water, Ca’ Nigra has two gardens (protected by the Fine Arts) and an excellent starting point to discover Venice and reach, among suggestive streets, the Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco. For those who are very demanding also the suite in addition to an “ultra chic” décor in Venetian style and also has a private terrace where you can relax comfortably (view of the view and the canal).

Hotel Villa Barbarich

hotel villa barbarich
10 most expensive hotels in Venice

When we talk about Villa Barbarich we talk about a real “charming place”, completely renovated and located 2 km from the center of Mestre. One of the peculiarities that distinguishes this structure is the fact that it is an ancient dwelling of the 500; in addition to amenities such as an indoor restaurant and outdoor pool, you can find spacious frescoed lounges.

Old Locanda Sturion

sturioni inn in venice rialto
10 most expensive hotels in Venice

On the top floor of an ancient Venetian Palace stands one of the rare 3-star hotels oldest in Venice. Being a 3 star you might think to stay in the suite overlooking not only the canal but also the Rialto bridge. The décor is very suggestive with Venetian red furniture and damask that will allow you to fall asleep where in the past rich spice merchants and ambassadors visited the city stopped. Think that even the inn sign appears in a famous painting by Vettor Carpaccio “One of the Miracles of the Cross” of 1494 exhibited at the Gallerie dell’Accademia.


The famous Aman Canal Grande resort that alone deserves a chapter on its own could not be missing from our list!

Hotel Aman Canal Grande

10 most expensive hotels in Venice

We have finally arrived at +1 of this article: we are talking about the Hotel Aman! this is not only the most prestigious hotel in Venice, but it is one of the most prestigious in the world. The sumptuousness of this property allows a stay suitable for a few types of pockets; as you will imagine the prices are high, it must be said that they are adequate for the quality and services that are offered. In addition to spectacular views of the Grand Canal, this 7-star property offers spacious and spacious rooms with frescoes by the well-known painter Gianbattista Tiepolo.

There are those who can afford to live this experience for only one night and those who can opt for a longer stay, the fact is that this structure enchants, managing to enhance the importance and prestige that the Serenissima has had and continues to have all over the world.

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