5 Essential Travel Accessories

If you like to travel, it is not possible for you NOT to have at least one of these 5 travel accessories.

5 Essential Travel Accessories

Essential travel accessories: Backpack

The backpack is definitely a MUST among travel accessories, irreplaceable in case of travel: whether you are about to leave for a camping, for the sea, for an Interrail or if you are about to fly to the other side of the world, you will certainly have need a place to store your belongings.

Travel Accessories

Although it may seem obvious, finding a backpack suitable for all needs is not easy at all. Make sure you find one that is large enough for your clothes, that is comfortable to carry on your shoulders, and that has inside pockets in which to protect and hide valuables.

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Digital scale

One aspect that many travellers overlook before travelling is the weight of their suitcase on the return flight. If you are travelling with low-cost airlines, the digital scale could really save you, which is why it is one of the travel accessories on which you could think of it.

In fact, although many make sure that the weight of the trolley does not exceed the permitted one-way threshold, most underestimate how this can increase with the addition of souvenirs.

Travel Accessories


The cosmetic bag is one of those travel accessories you can’t really leave without. If you have ever had problems at the airport it is perhaps because your cosmetic bag was not transparent or for similar problems.

The cosmetic bag is that essential travel accessory, so that you can have shampoo, shower gel or make-up at your fingertips, in case the hotel where you are staying does not have it, or in the case of camping. However, for air travel, it is necessary to be equipped with a transparent cosmetic bag, so as to insert the liquids to be checked in the safety area. Ergo is one of the must-have.

Travel accessories for comfort: Travel pillow

One of the travel accessories for those who want to be comfortable on the plane or on other means is the travel pillow. Wherever you go, and no matter what kind of trip, a pillow is always an indispensable accessory.

The convenience of being able to rest anywhere, whether in a tent, on a plane or on a train, will certainly be worth the expense of a travel pillow.

Universal adapter

The universal travel adapter is one of the most essential accessories to take with you before leaving, because every place has a different electrical outlet. From the computer to the smartphone, from the hairdryer to the battery charger for cameras, a universal adapter is always necessary!

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