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Hi and welcome again to Tramp In Trip! Today we will talk about 5 top italian experience. From Rome to Neapolitan street life, the best guide for how to want to visit Italy.

#1 italian experience: Historic Rome

Italian experience:: Once Caput Mundi (capital of the world), Rome was legendarily spawned by a wolf-suckled wild boy (Romolo and Remo). Grew to be Western Europe’s first superpower. Became the spiritual centrepiece of the Christian world and is the repository of over two and a half thousand years of European art and architecture. From the Pantheon and the Colosseum to Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel and countless works by Caravaggio. There’s simply too much to see in one visit. This is the reason why we advise you to stay at least three days ( one week is better ). The historic Rome is one of the best reasons to come in Italy.

photography of lighted bridge
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#2 Italian experience: Venice

Stepping through the portals of Basilica of San Marco, try to imagine what it might have been like for an illiterate, burlap-clad, medieval peasant glimpsing those shimmering gold mosaic domes for the first time. Visiting Venice is still a magic moment of life and an authentical Italian experience. it’s not such a stretch- once you see those millions of tiny gift tesserae cohete into a singular heavenly vision, every leap of the human imagination since the 12th century seems comparatively minor.

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#3 Italian experience: Florance

Italian experience:: If you want to try an original Italian experience you have to visit Florance. From Brunelleschi’s red-tiled dazzler. The duomo to Michelangelo’s greatest hits. David and The birth of Venus. Florance according to Unesco, contains the greatest concentration of universally renowned works of art in the world.

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Italian experience:: if you are in the south of Italy, and you love history, visiting Pompeii can give you a unique emotion. Nothing piques human curiosity quite like a mass catastrophe and few can bet on the ruin of Pompeii ( 79 before christ). A once thriving Roman town frozen 2000 years ago in its death throes. The entire city is crystalized in the time, everything is in the same position since the vulcanic eruption ( Vesuvio).

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Amalfi Coast

Italian experience: with its scented lemon groves, flower-strewn cliffside, bobbing fishing boats adn tumbling, sherbet hued towns, the Amalfi Coast still claims the crown as the prettiest coast on the peninsula. Others may argue that the title belongs to Liguria’s Cinque Terre or Calabria’s Costa Viola, but we are talking about the south of Italy.

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In fact, the Amalfi Coast is in Campania, near Naples. part of the UNESCO heritage. Amalfi cost’s is one the Italian crown jewels. enchanting in summer, the coast offers all its tourists unforgettable memories and smells. Thanks also to all its historical and architectural heritage.

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