Today we’re going to talk about street photography equipment.

Street Photography equipment

Street Photography: Film or Digital?

One of the most difficult decisions is the choice between film and digital. Although it is a very personal decision, you have to leave your emotions aside and consider some practical aspects.

+compact and lightweight camera+much cheaper equipment
Lower operating costsLess dependent on batteries
silent operationeffidability and durability
high initial costfilm and development can be expensive
if the batteries drain you get screwedoften noisy and heavy equipment
high risk of data deletion by mistakeoften long waits to see the result

Digital cameras for Street Photography


DSLRs are devices in every format and size and guarantee superior durability and reliability than smaller machines. DSLRs also cover an infinite number of objectiveses and accessories.

If we look at the downsides, these machines are bulky, noisy and heavy. However, if you already own a DSLR, don’t lose heart – this is one of the few genres where all cameras can do a great job.



CSC or mirrorless have begun to make their way in recent years and are the cameras most associated with Street Photography. CSCs have many of the advantages of DSLRs, including interchangeable lenses, larger sensors, and excellent image processors, but being usually more compact and lightweight, they can be safely held inside a backpack or even in your pocket.


The ubiquitous Iphone and other smartphones, have made street photography within everyone’s reach. Along with photo sharing sites like Instagram, Pixabay, Flickr etc etc. Mobile phones are small and light, we always take them with us in our daily lives and they are always on: they allow us to capture, edit and share an image without having to go through a Computer. The main inconvient is image quality. Most of the photos, they do not have as high quality as it seems and often in the printing phase a real meltdown occurs.

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