Today we will talk about the Lens for Street Photography.

Why a fixed focal point for Street Photography?

These designed designed instruments have, as the name says, a fixed focal length (e.g. 24mm, 50mm, etc.) and zooms are preferable for various reasons.

In place, using a zoom to frame the image can cause precious seconds or consequently the spontaneity of the shot to be lost.

Secondly, the quality of fixed lenses is usually super that of zoom lenses. Given that, as far as quality in the image is concerned, we are often forced to compromise, using a lens that offers the maximum in terms of sharpness and detail can be an advantage.

Thirdly, given the presence of fewer glass elements, fixed focal objectss tend to be smaller and lighter. They generally offer a very wide maximum iris aperture (e.g. 1.8, 1.4, etc.).

Goals for Street Photography

What about zoom lenses?

Although it is not decisive, there is a point in favor of using zooms for street photography. If your budget is tight, you can have a few different focal lengths in one goal, saving money and even space. However, zooms are usually bulky and heavy when compared to fixed focal lenses.

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