how to take beautiful photos for Instagram: let’s start from the basics

how to take beautiful photos for Instagram is definitely one of the questions that at least once you found yourself asking as you scrolled through your feed. So I’ll help you figure out how to take beautiful photos for Instagram.

it is necessary to make a distinction on the means that you will use to take photos, in this guide we will cover only tips regarding the smartphone.

First, try to avoid shooting in automatic mode, now almost all smartphones from 2014 up have the ability to take a manual or PRO, so let’s start by trying a little.

the settings you want to use

If you’ve never snapped in manual mode, here are some simple simple guides on how to figure out how to do it.


ISOs are the sensitivity of light with which you will shoot. Concretely, if you find you on a beautiful sunny day, you can use 100 to 200 iso. The less light you have, the greater the need for you to raise these ISOs. I advise you not to go beyond 800 iso because otherwise the photo will lose a lot of quality. (then oh, if your phone holds iso major do it as well).


We are not talking about a contraceptive but about the photographic diaphragm that is often referred to as /f and will help you have the blurry effect (or bokeh) in your photos. In principle, the smaller your /f will be the background behind the subject you photograph will be blurry.

Shooting time

The shooting time is marked in milliseconds, for example 1/60 and so on. Shooting time will help you capture the moment. The higher its value (e.g. 1/800) the greater your ability to stop a moving action. For landscapes, selfies and portraits you can safely use from 1/160 up.

To help you better understand these basics, I’ll leave you an image here.

how to take nice photos for Instagram
how to take beautiful photos for instagram

how to take beautiful photos for Instagram: the composition

By composition, we mean the photographic frame or what you put in your photo. Instagram is a social that is mostly used on smartphones then vertically. My advice is to take vertically so as not to have to make cuts in post production that will lower the quality of your photo. In addition, shooting vertically will make your photo more attractive to your followers. So if you want to shoot automatically, on how to take nice photos for Instagram, you will need to get at least one nice composition. Try to be minimal in portraits and tidy in the landscape. DON’T TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYTHING CEH MOVES.

how to take beautiful photos for Instagram: the post production

Even if your smartphone has 1000000 pixels, the photos will have standard, inconspicuous and monotonous tones. So engaged in doing post production. Often when they ask me how to take beautiful photos for Instagram, I reply that creativity and post production are about 40% of the final shot.

There are a myriad of applications for post production, both for iPhone and Android systems but surely the best remains Adobe Lightroom. This app is free and will help you edit every step of your shots. You can also install presets or changes made by others that you can reuse and save. In this regard we leave you here under the presets That I made for this site.

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