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there are now a few countries that are still closed to tourism; one of these is Japan. but will something have changed in 2022? so let’s see today japan open for tourism 2022.

japan open for tourism 2022
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we report what was written by about the tourism restrictions currently in force in japan.

International Travel Restrictions

japan open for tourism 2022: Japan reopened its borders to travelers on guided tours from June 10, but remains closed to individual travelers. It remains unknown when individual travelers will be able to enter the country again.

In order to visit Japan as a tourist, the following three conditions currently apply:

  1. Travelers must visit Japan on a guided tour with predetermined itinerary that is organized by a Japan-based travel agency or operator. The travel agency or operator will handle application procedures and be held responsible for the tour participants.
  2. Travelers must have spent the 14 days before arrival in Japan in a country on the “blue list”, i.e. a country where the risk of catching the coronavirus is considered low. There are currently 98 countries on the “blue list”, including most countries in North America, East Asia, Europe and Oceania. Prominent countries not on the list include India, Vietnam, Portugal and Turkey. See the complete list below.
  3. During their stay, travelers must adhere to basic infection prevention measures, such as wearing masks and disinfecting hands, and they need to be enrolled in a travel insurance plan that covers medical expenses related to the coronavirus.

A negative result from a PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to departure is required to enter Japan; however, there will be no test and no quarantine upon arrival in Japan for foreign tourists regardless of vaccination status.

japan open for tourism 2022: note furthermore that because the visa-waiver system is currently suspended, all travelers need to apply for a visa in order to enter Japan.

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