Kings Cross station in London is famous for the Harry Potter series, a magical reference to track 9 3/4 but there is a photographic secret that few notice.

Many photography enthusiasts go to Kings Cross just for the harry potter picture facility but if you lie on the floor, you can see something like this.

photo by matteoangeloni.jpeg

This photo was taken by Matteo Angeloni known on Instagram as matteoangeloni.jpeg.

According to the author, due to the excite crowd to photograph the Harry Potter plant he decided to stay in the area to see what he could photograph.

After a few hours together with the Nikon D800 and a Samyang 8mm he lay down and took the photo you see above.

As a result, always be about checking wisely where you're shooting 😉

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Matteo Angeloni

Photographer, social media manager, close to master's degree. I wanted to open this blog out of a pure passion for travel, places and little stories.