The best spas in Europe are in Bucharest

The best spas in Europe are located in Romania specifically in Bucharest. Of course it is not us who say it and around the web you can find conflicting opinions.

Among European capitals, Bucharest is perhaps one of the most fascinating, but also one of the most cheerful. Not for nothing does the etymology of the name Bucharest derive from the Romanian “Bucura” which means to always be cheerful. Bucharest, however, is a city with very refined architecture worthy of the paris of the end of the century, thanks to the wide streets, the Arc de Triomphe and the many places of cultural entertainment scattered throughout the city. This allowed the city of Bucharest to fully appeal to the nickname Little Paris.

Bucharest Spa: Your Spa a Stone’s Throw From Italy

Getting to the spa in Bucharest is very easy thanks to the daily connections that every day offer many low-cost companies and at completely affordable prices. Bucharest’s spa is just 7 minutes from Otopeni Airport and you can reach them for very little. In fact, you can not only find many shuttles that I leave every 45 minutes, but also take a Taxi or an Uber vehicle, all while spending less than ten euros.

The spa in Bucharest: opening hours and price

The thermal baths of Bucharest are open every day (7 days a week) with opening hours from 10.00 am and closing at 23.00. The price is variable and depends on the time you want to spend. In principle it is always advisable to spend a whole day there, as in addition to fully enjoying the climate of the spa, you will have the opportunity to explore at best every area that is still worth your visit.On the official website of the spa at the, you can find all the information you need.

Bucharest Spa: What the entrance ticket offers you

By purchasing the entrance ticket you will be provided with a watch complete with microchips that you will need as well as opening the lockers, also to buy any extras such as food or drinks that you can also sip on the tank. In addition to that you will be given a bathrobe, a large towel to always take with you and finally a fairly large locker where you can arrange all your items, even a carry-on bag. Finally all changing rooms are included with hairdryer and showers.

Bucharest Spa: is it possible to drink and eat?

Inside the spa you can have lunch or dinner in numerous bars or restaurants, all while simply paying with the clock that will allow you to settle your bill at the exit. If you do not want to give up your favorite drink you can enjoy many delicious cocktails even in the many bars located by the pool, all simply with a simple gesture and spending little.

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