The best Street Food in Rome

HomedestinationThe best Street Food in Rome

Rome is a city where you can eat at all hours. At every moment of the day, however, there is a very specific “street food”, as if it were a sort of rite that has consolidated as a result of popular custom.

In this article I will tell you only about real Roman street food, so no to kebbabari, no ethnic, no to regional street food (Sicilians, etc… ) but yes to all the original snacks and street food 100% Roman veraci!

Let’s start the ranking immediately, and then let’s see what are the favorite snacks of the Romans and the places not to be missed in which to eat them!


Torture – Centre

The best Street Food in Rome

Born from an idea of Arcangelo Dandini, Supplizio is the street food prêt à manger in which the chef gives life a culinary history to be savored, aimed at recovering the flavors of a childhood lived between Rome and the Castles. Among the unmissable are the Classic with rice, chicken rigaglie, tomato, mozzarella, Parmesan (3 euros), and the supplì linked to the Roman tradition inspired by carbonara and matriciana.

torture. Via dei Banchi Vecchi 143, Rome. Tel. 06 8987120.Website, Facebook PageLun
-Sun 11.30am-6.30pm (Delivery with Cosaporto option)


The House of Supplì – King of Rome

The best Street Food in Rome

A historical institution of Romanity, La Casa del Supplì was founded forty years ago in Trastevere by his brothers Alvaro and Venanzio Sisini, then doubling to King of Rome. The restaurant offers a purely Roman proposal, with pizza cut, breeches, croquettes, but of course it is the supplì that reigns supreme. The Classic (2 euros) is prepared with ragout, peas, livers and beef, while among the most interesting variants are the supplì with cod cream and Roman artichokes (3 euros) and the timeless cheese and pepper (2.50 euros).

The House of Supplì.Piazza Re di Roma 20, Rome. Tel. 06 70491409.Website, Facebook PageLun
-Sat 10.00-22.00 (after 6 pm delivery and takeaway option)



Dar Ciriola – Pinion

Dar Ciriola RomaThe best Street Food in Rome

If you know what a ciriola is or you are Roman doc or your veracity is really remarkable. Not everyone, in fact, knows the typical Lazio sandwich, characterized by a soft heart of crumb and covered with a crunchy golden armor. The founders, precisely Roman doc, decided to create this format suitable for all hours in which to taste the ciriole accompanied by the typical flavors of Lazio. Among the proposals we point out Er Poldo (5 euros) with meatballs with Roman sauce, Er ciociara (6 euros) with Roman sausage, radicchio alla piastre and scamorza and L’ignorante (5 euros) stuffed with chicken and peppers.

Dar Ciriola. Via Pausanias 2a, Rome. Tel. 06 21702636 / Mon-Sun 07.00-22.00 (takeaway option for lunch/dinner and delivery with the Ciriola
Bee)Website, Facebook pag

Mordi & Vai – Testaccio

The best Street Food in Rome

Mordi & Vai is one of Rome’s most famous sandwiches.Born from an idea of Sergio Esposito, the restaurant is located at box n.15 of the Testaccio Market.The specialty of the house is the scottona sandwich (5 euros), but the other proposals are less, from the sandwich with tripe to the Roman (4 euros) to the local gem, the scottona breastballs (2 euros) according to grandma’s recipe.

Bite & Go. Testaccio Market, Via Beniamino Franklin 12/E (box 15), Rome. Tel. 339 134 3344, Website, Facebook Page
Lun-Sat 08.00-15.00


Dar filettaro in Santa Barbara – Center

The best Street Food in Rome

The filleted is located behind Campo de’ Fiori, a perfect example of how in the center of Rome there are not only tourist clubs but also real proposals worthy of the most authentic Rome.To taste this specialty there are two options: you can sit inside for a more varied menu always with low costs and excellent quality (anchovies with butter, 6 euros) or you can queue to take away the coveted fried cod fillet (5 euros).

Dar filettaro, Largo dei Librari 88, Rome. Tel. 06 6864018, Facebook Page
Lun-Sun 12.00-18.00 (after 18.00 takeaway option)

I fritti de Sora Milvia – Milvio Bridge

The best Street Food in Rome

Unmissable address for all lovers of the genre. From Sora Milvia there are two strengths, quality and variety. It starts from the supplì, among which stands out the amatriciana version (1.20 euros) passing through fried pumpkin flowers (2.50 euros) up to the cod fillet (3.50 euros).

I fritti de Sora Milvia, Via Cassia 4, Rome. Tel. 392 2015646, Website, Facebook PageMa
r-Sun 11.30am-8.30pm (after 6.00pm takeaway option)


Campo de’ Fiori Oven – Center

The best Street Food in Rome

Historical address for the pizza and mortazza combo is definitely the oven of Campo de’ Fiori.The pizza is golden and crunchy at the right point and can be stuffed with classic mortadella (2.80 euros) or with Norcidella (3.50 euros), a variety of mortadella made only with shoulder and bacon without reindeer produced in San Ginesio, marche.

Campo de’ Fiori Oven, Piazza Campo de’ Fiori 22, Rome. Tel. 06 6880 6662, Facebook Page
Lun-Sat 08.00-15.00/16.00-18.00

Gino 1950 – Center

The best Street Food in Rome

If you pass through the center of Rome, precisely in Via del Corso, you eat pizza and mortazza from Gino. This historic place, opened in 1950, has always focused on a pizza that follows the Roman tradition and on a death of very high quality, processed according to the ancient method of frates gaudentes. Pizza with mortazza costs 4.50 euros, while its sweet variant with nutella 4 euros.

Gino 1950, Via del Corso, 502, Rome. Tel. 06 9432 7611, Website, Facebook Page
Lun-Sun 10.00-20.00 (after 18.00 delivery option)


Pastificio Guerra – Center

The best Street Food in Rome

Yes, not only taverns and trattorias, but also level takeaways in the center. A stone’s throw from Piazza di Spagna there is pastificio guerra, which with 4 euros offers two types of pasta every day, one traditional (deserving of cheese and pepper) of Roman cuisine and the other more varied. The trays are single portion and, for those who decide to consume standing inside the restaurant, water and a glass of wine are free.

Pastificio Guerra, Via della Croce 8, Rome. Tel. 06 6793 102, Facebook Page
Lun.-Sat. 13.00-17.00

Hands in paste – Testaccio

The best Street Food in Rome

The Testaccio Market is always a guarantee on street food: therefore, a pasta corner could not be missing properly. The hands in the pasta have everything a foodie could want: the pasta is strictly homemade, there are all the first of the Roman tradition at 6 euros and then there are the proposals of the day that range depending on the season, always remaining in a price range from 4 to 9 euros.

Hands in pasta, Testaccio Box Market. 58, Via Beniamino Franklin 12E, Rome. Tel. 349 6135219 Website, Facebook Page
Lun.-Sat. 09.00-15.00


Trapizzino – Ponte Milvio, Trastevere, Testaccio, Bologna

The best Street Food in Rome

Unique, inimitable, now famous everywhere. The Trapizzino (which is also going to open in Piazzale delle Provincie, here our article) is one of the many creatures of Stefano Callegari who with this square of pizza has managed to export Roman street food all over the world (it has also opened a headquarters in New York). The idea is as brilliant as it is simple, the filling ranges from traditional recipes to the proposals of the day. It is practically impossible to choose, but we point out the Trapizzino with chicken with the huntser (4 euros), the one with the meatballs with sauce (4 euros) and the one with double cream, burrata stracciatella and anchovies (4 euros).

Drill. Testaccio, Via Giovanni Branca, 88, Tel. 06 43419 624 /Trapizzino. Trastevere, Piazza Trilussa, 46, Tel. 06 58173 12 / Trapizzino. Ponte Milvio, Piazzale di Ponte Milvio, 13, Tel. 06 33221 964 / Trapizzino. Piazzale delle Provincie 9, Rome. Tel. 06 PageLu
n-Sun 12.00-23.00 (after 18.00 delivery option except trastevere headquarters)

Sorisi – Ostiense

The best Street Food in Rome

Innovating the classic is a formula that often works: from here Sorisi was born, an invention of two young Romans that consists of a kind of focaccia folded with the most varied toppings. The dough is fresh and baked, crispy outside and soft inside, the leavening lasts 72 hours.As for the fillings, there is the embarrassment of choice: among the Roman sorisi we point out Carbonara with crispy norcia guanciale (4.50 euros) and the one with potato cream and IGP ariccia porchetta (4.50 euros). The other proposals, on the other hand, include some vegetarian choices such as soriso stuffed with seasonal vegetables sautéed with ajo, ojo and chili (4 euros) and the original goodies of Fregene stuffed with cheese and pepper (4.50 euros).

Sorisi, Via Gaspare Gozzi 201, Rome. Tel. 06 9028 7735, Facebook PageLu
n-Sat 12.00-22.30 (after 6 pm delivery and takeaway option)


The Red Husband – Trastevere

The best Street Food in Rome

Maritozzo is the Roman dessert par excellence, but there are salty variations to satisfy every palate. This is the case of Maritozzo Rosso, a place in full Trastevere that has decided to combine traditional dishes with a section entirely dedicated to the husband. The prices vary depending on the size: among the most interesting proposals are the husband with piglet filleted in sweet and sour (from 5 to 8.50 euros), the husband with tuna tartare, capers and chocolate (from 6 to 10 euros) and the Maritamisù (6 euros), which contains the two most loved sweets in the capital. To be consumed in street food version or to the few but intimate tables inside the restaurant.

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