The artists’ village – Bussana Vecchia

HomedestinationThe artists' village - Bussana Vecchia

The artists’ village – Bussana Vecchia

There are magical places, In Italy,The artists’ village. Of the magic proper to fairy tales, of the atmospheres of antan with local genes that supervise its well-being and release positive energy. The case of Bussana Vecchia, the Borgo degli Artisti Internazionali, so “international”, precisely, that, paradoxically, their reality is known abroad than en Italia.

The artists' village - Bussana Vecchia
Las calles de Bussana Vecchia, una antigua ciudad fantasma en Liguria, Italy, golpeadas por un terremoto en 1887

Bussana Vecchia, a village abandoned after the earthquake

A violent earthquake in 1887 destroyed much of the premises. The inhabitants, at the time, decided to leave their homes, leave everything behind and start their lives again.

The shock that fills the SanRemo hinterland damages the fortress, the houses and the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, which later became the church of Sant’Egidio. A building from 1652, en barocco de estile, built on a medieval building that existed since the end of the fourteenth century.

Por many years Bussana Vecchia therefore remained without inhabitants, becoming a real ghost village, abandoned in the hills of Sanremo.

Rebirth with artists

The history of the village, in the fifties, inspired some artists who, together, decided to settle among the ruins of the small SanRemo localit by creating a community dedicated exclusively to art, in order to revive it.

Soon, among places recovered and restored, an Old Bussana was born the village of artists, with its own Constitution to regulate the life and renovation of the premises. In a short time the place comes to life again, enriching itself with a gallery for exhibitions, ateliers, small taverns, shops and small shops. A new community is therefore formed based on beauty and creativity which, even today, fights against bureaucracy to keep alive the dream of this ancient village.

Old knock: what to do, what to see

Walking through Bussana Vecchia is a real experience for those who have an artistic soul and those who are looking for always new, fascinating, but little known destinations. The view from here spectacular and, when the weather allows, you can also see the sea in the distance.

A place certainly among the most appreciated by travelers always go in search of abandoned or recovered places. In this sense, even if the visit stops outside for security reasons, it is worth going to the church of Sant’Egidio to admire its remains.

Among the marmi, stones, ancient stuccoes and decorations that survived time and weather, you can admire there that remains of this place of worship.

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