The Grand Café Van Gogh in Bucharest

We are not wrong, there really is a bar dedicated to the famous artist Van Gogh and it is located in Bucharest capital of Romania.
GoghThis famous café located in the old town is a must-see, especially if you are an art lover!The theme of coffee is, as the name suggests, none other than the post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh

Set in a beautiful building, this café is uniquely decorated with Van Gogh paintings on each wall and lots of Van Gogh-inspired umbrellas hanging upside down from the ceiling, the attention to detail is perfect. 

The colorful interior along with the diverse menu make this place a perfect choice for breakfast, brunch, and dinner.If you visit this place, we highly recommend their pancakes and the fantastic quesadillas everyone is talking about!

Grand Café Van Gogh

Grand Cafe Van Gogh is an elegantly designed bistro in the heart of Bucharest that offers its visitors the perfect mix of quick service, delicious fresh food and premium drinks, all offered with a smile and a cool attitude.

Located in a historic building in the liveliest area of the city, Grand Cafe Van Gogh brings together classic and modern in order to create a unique and artistic atmosphere for any type of event.

Corporate meetings, coffee breaks, brunches, lunches, buffets or table service, cocktails, wine tastings or open bars? The dynamic and friendly team will be happy to help you create the perfect menu for the perfect event.

Grand Café Van Gogh: Services it offers to guests

Website: Grand Café Van

Private spaces in the historic center.
In-house catering with a wide variety of menus.
Personal service from planning to implementation.
Technical equipment (available at home): projection screen, projector, sound system, slide remote control, flip chart.
Flexibility and tailor-made solutions.

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