Traveling cheaply is simple but not if you're a photographer. When you have little time, little space and maybe many places to visit, optimizing your travel backpack is crucial. Here are some tips for you on how to prepare yourself best.

What to put in your photo backpack when you take a low-budget trip

What should I photograph?

What we are going to photograph is the first question we must ask ourselves when preparing a photo backpack. On most trips you prefer to go to the city destinations or large metropolises so a grandagolar (eg 18-105mm if you are in DX or a 14 mm if you are in full frame). The charger must have the highest priority or if you have other needs, a spare battery will suffit.

What if I want to do portraiture?

If you have to make portraits of your girlfriend, boy, dog, cat and so on you could still use your Kit lens but if you also have a 35mm, 50mm or even an 85mm you should put it in your bag.

N.B. we strongly advise against taking away an 85mm, better the first two lenses mentioned above. Because with 35mm you can do it from portraits to landscapes. While with the 50mm despite being a slightly narrower field lens, just take a small step back ;).

Critical situation, do I bring it the pc?

The PC should usually be brought when you have only one memory card or you have very special needs regarding the photo workflow. If you are a simple photoadamers we strongly advise against taking him away. You're going to save weight and you're not going to risk stealing it from you.

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