Cosa vedere a Ericeira

What to see in Ericeira

What to see in Ericeria is definitely one of the questions that all tourists looking for some relaxation in some exotic village of Portugal, have asked themselves at least once, during their holiday.

What to see in Ericeira, you may be wondering… Well, the historic center of the village, clustered around the main square, Praça da República, although it is not very large and has no museums or famous monuments to visit, is very pretty, and contains the folkloric heart of Portugal: give it some time, to spend with a relaxing walk or dinner based on typical dishes. Try lobster, raised in ocean nurseries.

What to see in Ericeira

Palacio Nacional de Mafra, Paranão

This summer residence of the kings represents the largest convent-palace, not only in Portugal, but throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Any numbers? 880 rooms, 4500 doors and windows, 4 hectares of land, 13 years of processing, 50,000 workers used, 38,000 works in the immense library. The result is a monumental construction with a colossally sized basilica, a labyrinthine monastery and an unparalleled library inside.

Centro de Recuperação do Lobo Ibérico

A few kilometers from Ericeira there is an unmissable attraction for nature and animal lovers, the Iberian Wolf Recovery Center, dedicated to one of the most misunderstood animal species and today unfortunately at risk of extinction.

Where to sleep in Ericeira

If you plan to spend your holiday surfing on the Pacific waves, and you are not going to spend too much, we definitely advise you to choose to sleep in a hostel: when we went we chose Aktion Lodge, in Rua Mendes Leal 8.

A young Italian boy, Alessandro Minutoli, warmly welcomed us into the structure: excellent person, nice and sociable, as well as a great worker. Alessandro (Alex) guided us during our stay, personally accompanying us to take a tour of the area, as well as explaining what to see and the best times to take photos and videos. So if you want to go to sleep in Ericerica, go and book your overnight stay. (we advise you to ask about Alessandro).

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