What to see on Lake Garda in one day

HomedestinationWhat to see on Lake Garda in one day

If you plan to spend a day out of town on Lake Garda, but only have one day, you will be forced to choose two, or at most three locations, preferably not too far from each other. Fortunately, the largest lake in Italy, is equipped with many jewels often even unknown: here, therefore, what to see on Lake Garda in a day.

What to see on Lake Garda in one day: Sirmione

things to see at Lake Garda – Sirmione is a city easily accessible from all road sides, especially thanks to the connection with the Milan-Venice motorway.

The city is located on a very thin tongue of land, which divides the lake in half between the gulfs of Peschiera and Desenzano del Garda.

In the early morning we recommend visiting the main attraction, the well-known and imposing Scaliger Castle: while in ancient times it represented a stronghold guarding the only southern access point to the historic center of the city, today it is a symbol of Sirmione. Next, a visit to the Cave of Catullus,a Roman domus whose construction is believed to have taken place between the first century BC, is a must. C. and the 1st century d.C.

At this point, before starting the adventure again, it will be time to have lunch: eating in Sirmione, however, will lead you to enjoy excellent traditional local dishes accompanied by fresh fish dishes and dishes based on lake fish. We recommend Carpaccio di Trota, Bigoli with Sardines, Lake Fish Soup and Grilled Arborelle.


What to see on Lake Garda in one day: Gardone Riviera and the Vittoriale

things to do at Lake Garda – Once in Gardone in the early afternoon, we suggest you head to one of the most beautiful and famous attractions in all of Lake Garda: the Vittoriale degli Italiani of Gardone Riviera, which was the residence of Gabriele D’Annunzio in his last years of life. The Vittoriale is a small great world in its own right: each area transmits the peculiarity and imaginative person of d’Annunzio, who collected as many memorabilia as possible here. Each corner contains sculptures, medals of value, relics, thousands of books, works of art of all kinds, up to an SVA aircraft, the military ship Puglia and the submarine MAS 96: D’Annunzio has made his house a real museum.

places to see on Lake Garda – In addition to the Vittoriale, Gardone Riviera also represents history, culture, nature. You can admire the magnificent historic buildings that host prestigious hotels or period villas such as the beautiful Villa Alba,the picturesque villages: Gardone di Sotto and Gardone di Sopra that are connected by a space full of magic and sensuality: the Botanical Garden.
Hruska Gardens are a continental floral collection, in which Africa and South America, Asia, Europe and Australia are woven into one another.

What to see on Lake Garda in one day: the Vittoriale
the Victorian


what to visit at Lake Garda – Just a 10-minute drive away you can not help but make an evening stop in Salò, the heart of the nightlife of the east shore of Lake Garda: it awaits you with its beautiful lakefront, its palaces and the marina. There are two attractions that we advise you not to miss: the cathedral and the MuSa museum. The Cathedral of Salò in late Gothic style is dedicated to Santa Maria Annunziata and preserves frescoes and works of great beauty, such as the wooden crucifix that dates back to the 15th century. The MuSa, on the other hand, is a newly opened museum that contains art collections and scientific collections with the aim of telling Salò and Garda. Other places to see are the Clock Tower and the Podestà Palace. A famous market is held in Salò on Saturday mornings.

Salò offers a huge variety of restaurants and bars, directly on the lakefront, which will allow you to rest and enjoy the enchanting lake landscape in the evening, while sipping a fresh drink or a local specialty.


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