Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles

HomedestinationMovie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles

How many times, when watching a fantasy or science fiction movie, have you wondered where it was shot? And how many times have you gasped in front of a dream location? Although most, to date, are recreated on purpose, we will go to visit the most beautiful sets in the world. We will set off on a long journey that begins in Iceland and ends on the other side of the globe, in Hawaii. ready? Ciak, let’s go!

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles here are the destinations

Interstellar (2013): Iceland

On this occasion, actor Matthew McConaughey, as astronaut Cooper, is leading a major expedition in search of habitable planets, in a desperate attempt to save humanity from certain death.

Chritstopher Nolan toured the Svínafellsjökull glacier and the town of Klaustur for two weeks. The cold island, in fact, perfectly recites the part of the alien, lunar and uninhabited landscape, composed of ice and dunes.

The glacier is part of vatnajökull territory, an immense ice cap in the south-east of Iceland. With an area of 8100 km, the well-known ice field comes second in Europe by extension, and first by volume. Iceland, in fact, is suitable for anyone who wants to escape from the land, through a unique journey of its kind.

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Interstellar, 2013

Disney Castle: Neuschwanstein Castle

Although it’s not a real film location, you have to pop into Germany, southwest Bavaria, to visit the famous castle from which Disney drew its own logo and inspiration.

The structure was built and donated to the musician Richard Wagner, by King Ludwig II of Bavaria: only in 1886 was it opened to the public, eager to visit that picturesque and magical destination.

It was the magic surrounding the walls of Neuschwanstein Castle, located between trees and mountains, that inspired Disney to create many of its own settings. In fact, both Sleeping Beauty in the Woods, snow white and the Seven Dwarves, both Cinderella and Rapunzel, were created on the basis of the well-known castle.

This destination is suitable for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in a fairytale atmosphere, pretending, for a few hours, to live within one of Disney’s most iconic stories.

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Neuschwanstein Castle

Star Wars, Naboo: Cappadocia, Royal Palace of Caserta, Villa del Balbianello, Seville and Whippendell Wood

Who said you need to drive a spaceship to visit the picturesque planets shown in Star Wars? In fact, to get to one of the most iconic lands in the series, where it all began, Naboo, just equip yourself with different air tickets and fly through four different nations: Turkey, Italy, Spain and England.

The picturesque sandy stone casupole are in fact the Fairy Chimneys, heritage of Cappadocia: likewise, the rocky landscape is typical of the Turkish region.

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Cappadocia, Naboo

Royal Palace of Caserta: Royal Palace of Naboo.

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Royal Palace of Caserta

Spanish Steps, Seville: City of Theed, Naboo.

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Spanish Steps, Seville

Villa del Balbaniello: Lake Naboo, where Anakin and Padmé were married.

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Villa del Balbaniello

Whippendell Wood, Cassiobury Park, Watford: Naboo Forest. Here was the first meeting between Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi with Jar Jar Binks.

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Whippendell Wood

The Lord of the Rings: North Island, New Zealand

How can we not mention New Zealand when it comes to Cineturismo? Every corner of this wonderful and fascinating land has been transformed into a masterpiece directed by Peter Jackson.

The journey to “Middle-earth” begins on the North Island, where multiple scenes have been shot. It starts from Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand (North of the island). Then continue south along the entire length of the island. A hundred kilometres southwest of Auckland is Port Waikato: from here, about twenty kilometers away is Amon Sul, (Wind Hill) the hill where Frodo is stabbed by the king of the black knights.

At the center of New Zealand’s North Island is Mordor, deep in Tongariro national park, New Zealand’s most famous national park. The ruapehu volcano, still active, is the highest and has been used as a set for all scenes in the trilogy. the Ngauruohe was instead taken for the filming of Mount Fato.

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Waitako, Hobbiville
Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Tonariro National Park, Mordor

Jurassic Park: Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaiian island Kauai, known for its exotic landscapes and numerous hugely sized forests, housed dinosaurs in Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park milestone.

Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Nā Pali Coast
Movie trips: tourist destinations for cinephiles
Allerton Botanical Garden

What about you? Which movie would you like to be catapulted into?

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