Today we will talk about a Trip to Belarus! Cold but fascinating land, for a journey of a thousand surprises.

Trip to Belarus

Belarus has always been described as a flat and monotonous stretch of land straddling the shortest route between Moscow and the Polish border. It’s flat, all right, but to say it’s monotonous is excessive. Large forests of pristine birch trees, vast forested marshes and villages with wooden houses located in the middle of green and black fields give Belarus a beauty that cannot be forgeted. There are far more things to see in Belarus than you can imagine. Minsk is a cosmopolitan center and a living testimony of Soviet urban planning. Brest is lively and hectic, Hrodna is a cocktail of historical heritage, and Polatsk is a noblewoman who rests on her ancient glories. All this, and not even a tourist on the horizon.


Travel to Belarus: Documents and visas

Visa is required. It can be requested before departure by contacting the Belarusian Embassy in Italy (tel. 06/82081430, 06/82081423; fax 06/82002309;; Via delle Alpi Apuane, 16 – 00141 Rome). You must present your passport with a remaining validity of at least six months, a form downloadable from the website, a passport-size photograph and an invitation from the Belarusian travel agency. The tourist visa fee is around €50 and allows a maximum stay of 30 days. There is also the possibility to apply for an entry visa (for reasons of tourism, business, transit) at minsk international airport – 2, but under specific conditions for which it is advisable to contact the Embassy of Rome in advance and therefore it is highly discouraged.

When to go

In Belarus it is always low season, so you don’t have to worry about finding too many tourists. Summer is hot, but humid, while winter is gray and very cold, so the best times to visit the country are late summer and spring.

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