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Salò is located on the west coast of the lake, the city is favored by a moderate climate and particular vegetation such as to make it a tourist place.

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Salò is mainly known for its history: during World War II it became the capital of the Italian Social Republic of Benito Mussolini, known as the Republic of Salò.

Periodically visited by tourists from all over the world, Salò offers boat trips and a long beach. Thanks to bike paths and paths along the lakefront, it is possible to take long walks in peace and safety letting yourself be carried away by the beauties present.

Information and curiosities about Salò

The lakefront leads to via Vittoria from which you can admire the Palace of the Magnificent Homeland, created by Jacopo Sansovino. On this route there are 20 tags that tell the story and origin of the name of each neighborhood present. Fascinating appearance as well as a special way to get to know Salò better, thanks also to the breathtaking view given by Lake Garda. Also along the way there are bars and restaurants where you can relax while admiring the view.

Very popular, especially by foreign tourists, is the Saturday morning Salò market, which covers a large area.

In Salò you can take trips by boat, ferry or speedboat reaching other beautiful places of Lake Garda for a day trip. In addition, Salò is not lacking the beaches that line the whole gulf offering the possibility of sunbathing, having a drink on the beach, bathing in the lake. You can also take beautiful walks along paths or by bike paths and cycle paths.

A Sailing School dots the lake with small boats operated by sailors of all ages. Those who love lakeside walks can leave their car at the bottom of the village, looking at the lake on the left there is a paid parking while on the right, before the cemetery you can park in a small park in the months of high season always for a fee. It is better to avoid leaving the car in unsead areas, because there is a risk of fines. In case there is no place you can try to park in the municipal park inside the Italmark supermarket, right in front of the market area.

The Lakefront of Salò offers about three kilometers of walk along wooden, steel and masonry platforms. Be careful if there are children because not in all steps there is protection.

For some years Salò has been enriched by the prestigious MU.SA which hosts events and exhibitions of great appeal.

Those who love shopping can find many shops of famous brands in the main street of the historic center.

Sportsmen in Salò can dedicate themselves to tennis in the Sports Center I Due Pini, bowls, sailing and in the winter months skating, since every year the skating rink is set up on the occasion of Christmas.

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