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aerial shot of oslo

What to see in Oslo

What to see in Oslo: Oslo, the capital of Norway, offers breathtaking beauty and an incredible cultural atmosphere, making it a must-see for any travel connoisseur. Despite being smaller than the world-famous cities, it has so much to offer a tourist that it can make any holiday worth remembering. Travelling around Oslo in one day

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What to see in Malmo in 1 day

Malmo, is a small but very nice city in the south of Sweden. Overlooking the sea and the mild climate, with a medieval heart and modern soul. Here, What to see in Malmo in 1 day. What to see in Malmo in 1 day Turning Torso Turning Torso is a special tower in Malmo. This

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black statue in front of white building

what to see in Trento

Trento rarely makes the news these days, but that wasn’t the case in the mid-16th century. But if you are in Trento and you are looking for something to see, we will help you to discover what to see in Trento. Look out for helpful plaques that indicate the historical era that various buildings belong

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aerial photography of houses

what to see in Lucca Italy

Lucca is a beautiful old city that elicits love at first sight with its rich history, handsome churches and excellent restaurants. what to see in Lucca Italy: hidden behind imposing renaissance walls, it is an essential stopover on any Tuscan tour and a perfect base for exploring the Apuane Alps and the Garfagnana. what to

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amazing view of coastal town on green cliff shore

Amalfi Coast: best holidays in Italy

With its scented lemon groves, flower-strewn cliffsides, bobbing fishing boats and tumbling, sherbet hued tons, the Amalfi Coast is one of the best places where spend your holidays in Italy. Others may argue that the title belongs to Liguria’s Cinque Terre or Calabria’s Costa Viola. Amalfi Coast Italy The Amalfi Coast is a 50-kilometre stretch

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photography of lighted bridge

5 top experiences to do in Italy

Hi and welcome again to Tramp In Trip! Today we will talk about 5 top italian experience. From Rome to Neapolitan street life, the best guide for how to want to visit Italy. #1 italian experience: Historic Rome Once Caput Mundi (capital of the world), Rome was legendarily spawned by a wolf-suckled wild boy (Romolo

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