What to see in Bolsena: our tips

What to see in Bolsena

what to see in bolsena

What to see in Bolsena and its surroundings? we guys tell you! just google “Lake Bolsena” to see the second largest volcanic lake in Europe. Of course the lake takes its name from the town of the same name, bolsena.

Bolsena is a small town in the province of Viterbo, famous for being a miniature city. Immersed in vegetation and history, Bolsena presents all the receptive structures and services that have many cities throughout Italy but if for you a village is too little, we will make you discover other pearls around Bolsena.


Santa Cristina, Santa Cristina

The monumental complex of the Basilica of Santa Cristina arose outside the urban area, 350 meters from the southern edge of ancient Volsinii, near the early Christian necropolis and on the revered tomb of the martyr concittadina. Currently it consists of three well-defined and distinct nuclei:- the Basilica, a three-nave building with a Latin cross plan, consecrated in 1078 by Pope Gregory VII;- the New Chapel of the Miracle, built from 1693;- the Cave of Santa Cristina and the Catacomb (4th-5th century).In 1263, above the tomb of St. Christina, came the Eucharistic miracle, which prompted Pope Urban IV to extend to the whole Church the feast of Corpus Christi (bull Transiturus de hoc mundo, 1264).

Rocca Monaldeschi Castle

The Monaldeschi fortress of Cervara houses the Territorial Museum of Lake Bolsena,interesting for the classification it offers of the lake area and for some testimonies of material culture. The museum is distributed on three floors of the building: on the entrance floor, through plastic archaeological finds and educational panels, the sections concerning the formation of the volcanic basin of the lake,prehistory, protohistory and the Etruscan phase up to the Roman conquest are developed with particular detail. The central part of this plan consists of the Iron Age finds recovered as part of the town of the “Gran Carro”, found submerged near the eastern shore of Lake Bolsena in 1959. 

Lake Bolsena

Obviously in our recommendations you can not miss Lake Bolsena, the second largest volcanic lake in Europe, the lake is a place to visit at least once. The lake that in addition to being swimmable remains unique for its flora and fauna. If you visit Bolsena, you will also have the opportunity to take a beautiful walk on the shore of the lake perhaps accompanied by a cocktail or a bubble.

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