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5 Essential Travel Accessories

If you like to travel, it is not possible for you NOT to have at least one of these 5 travel accessories. 5 Essential Travel Accessories Essential travel accessories: Backpack The backpack is definitely a MUST among travel accessories, irreplaceable in case of travel: whether you are about to leave for a camping, for the …

close up photography of cherry blossom tree
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japan open for tourism 2022

there are now a few countries that are still closed to tourism; one of these is Japan. but will something have changed in 2022? so let’s see today japan open for tourism 2022. we report what was written by about the tourism restrictions currently in force in japan. International Travel Restrictions japan open for …

aerial shot of oslo
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What to see in Oslo

What to see in Oslo: Oslo, the capital of Norway, offers breathtaking beauty and an incredible cultural atmosphere, making it a must-see for any travel connoisseur. Despite being smaller than the world-famous cities, it has so much to offer a tourist that it can make any holiday worth remembering. Travelling around Oslo in one day …