Immersing in Italian Culture: Tips for Exploring Italy in 2023

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Italy is known for its rich history, stunning landscapes, mouthwatering cuisine, and SuperEnaLotto online lottery game with one of the biggest lotto jackpots of all time. Therefore, it’s important to understand the nuances of Italian culture if you plan to visit Italy in 2023.

From dining etiquette to transportation tips, here’s a comprehensive guide to immersing yourself in Italian culture and getting the most out of your Italian adventure. Let’s dive right in!

1.   Embrace the Pace of Life

Italy operates at a different rhythm compared to many other countries. Embrace the slower pace and immerse yourself in the Italian way of life. Be sure to enjoy the leisurely lunch breaks and late dinners, and plan your activities accordingly.

Keep in mind that many family-run shops in smaller towns close from 1 PM to 4 PM on weekdays and reopen later in the afternoon. Sundays are typically day offs for most shops.

However, you might want to avoid visiting during August. This is the time most Italians take their holidays, and many businesses may be closed.

2.   Respect Dining Customs

Dining in Italy is a cherished experience. Familiarise yourself with local meal times and customs. Italians take their lunch breaks, known as “Pausa di Pranzo,” very seriously. Whether dining out or joining a family meal, slow down and savour your lunch as you embrace the genuine Italian lifestyle.

For dinner reservations, note that most restaurants do not open before 7:30 PM, with some places in tourist cities offering two serving times for tourists and locals. Remember that tipping is not expected in Italy but it’ll be appreciated by service staff.

3.   Cash vs. Cards

While many establishments in Italy accept card payments, carrying some cash with you is still a wise decision. Cash is widely used in Italy, and having it on hand will ensure you’re prepared for smaller transactions and places that may not accept cards.

Additionally, using cash may sometimes lead to better deals, as it helps vendors avoid card payment fees. Plan and ensure you have enough euros for additional expenses outside prepaid tours or events.

4.   Coffee Culture

Italy is renowned for its coffee culture— be sure to experience it. Opt for a quick espresso at the bar of a neighbourhood coffee shop, as it’s the most preferred choice for the locals.

When ordering, specify “for here” or “to go.” By default, almost every server will assume that you are taking it “to go.”

Ensure you try different coffee options, including an Americano (espresso with a water shot) or Caffe Lungo (a long espresso shot). And remember to indulge in the after-dessert coffee, usually served separately from the main meal.

5.   Driving in Italy

Renting a car in Italy allows you to explore hidden gems and picturesque countryside landscapes. However, driving in Italy can be both exciting and challenging. Follow the road rules, use the left lane only for overtaking, and pay attention to other drivers.

Opt for a smaller car to navigate narrow roads and find parking more quickly, especially in cities. If you plan to drive along the Amalfi Coast, exercise extra caution due to narrow roads and heavy traffic.

6.   Train Travel

Taking a train is a convenient and efficient way to travel between cities in Italy. Familiarise yourself with the Italian train system, which includes high-speed railways. Remember to validate your train ticket by stamping it in the platform’s yellow validation machines.

Last but not least, be cautious of pickpockets, and monitor your belongings while on trains. Ensure you store your luggage in the overhead racks or in front of you for better security.

7.   Learn Basic Italian Phrases

While English is spoken in tourist areas, learning a few basic Italian phrases can greatly enhance your cultural experience. Practice greetings, polite expressions, and simple numbers. Italians appreciate tourists who try to communicate in Italian and may even converse and practise their English with you.

8.   Dress Appropriately

When visiting churches and cathedrals, it’s important to dress respectfully. Cover your shoulders and avoid wearing revealing clothing. Carry a shawl or cardigan to cover up if needed, especially during the summer months.

Italians tend to dress up even for casual outings, so leave your exercise clothes for the gym and opt for smart and put-together attire.

9.   Explore Beyond Mainland Italy

Italy offers more than just its mainland. Consider exploring the smaller and bigger islands such as Sardinia, Sicily, Levanzo, or Elba. These destinations offer unique experiences and beautiful landscapes that showcase Italian culture and heritage diversity.


Following the above tips will help you create a more meaningful and authentic experience during your visit to Italy. As it is usually said, when you go to Rome, do as the Romans do.

Be sure to use the tips above to embrace the Italian way of life, savour the culinary delights, and explore the diverse landscapes and regions that make Italy a truly captivating destination. Buon viaggio!

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