What to see in Malmo in 1 day

Malmo, is a small but very nice city in the south of Sweden. Overlooking the sea and the mild climate, with a medieval heart and modern soul. Here, What to see in Malmo in 1 day.

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What to see in Malmo in 1 day

Turning Torso

Turning Torso is a special tower in Malmo. This building is very special because is the highest residential with his 190mt of height. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, it is the tallest residential building in Sweden and the second in Europe. It is one the nicest things to see in Malmo in 1 day.

Bridge of Øresund

The bridge of Øresund is one of Europe’s Longest Road/Rail bridges. The magnificent Oresund Bridge (Øresundsbroen) lies a 15-minute drive from Malmö city centre. Maybe is not the best naturalistic place to visit but is very interesting and it can help you with AMAZING photos.

Malmö Castle

Finally something historic. The Malmo Castel is the oldest castle in Renaissance style. If you are looking for What to see in Malmo in 1 day this castle is a must. The castle itself was originally a minor citadel dating from 1434. Denmark’s currency was coined here in the Middle Ages, and during the 19th century, the castle served as a prison. Today, the restored Malmöhus Castle transports visitors back to the 16th century. It is one the nicest things to see in Malmo in 1 day.

Lilla Torg

When you are in Malmo you should go to visit Lilla Torg. Lilla Torg is the square of Malmo, famous for his design and haestetich vibes. There you can find a lot of cafes and restaurants. Very nice place to make some seflies. It is one the nicest things to see in Malmo in 1 day.

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