The Camino de Santiago de Compostela is undoubtedly one of the most suggestive routes to arrive in Spain, whether for faith, tracking or just for fun is undoubtedly a unique experience.

Preparing for the Way

In these pages I will try to give you all the information you need so that your doubts and concerns fade away and your desire to leave for the Camino de Santiago is the only feeling within you.

It’s not always necessary. It depends a lot on person to person. My experience of my first journey was of minimal planning.

It is not a classic journey and requires a minimum of preparation so as not to be in difficulty along the way and have with it the necessary to face the different situations.

How much does the whole Way cost?

If you are wondering what the costs of the Santiago journey are to be incurred, the answer I would like to give depends. The answer to the question “how much money do you need for the journey?” in fact it depends a lot on how willing you are to give up all the comforts that are part of our lives on a daily basis.

If you are already a trekking enthusiast you probably will not have to face expenses for equipment and clothing and if you know in time when you will have the opportunity to take the path, the cost of flights will inevitably drop, saving you quite a bit.


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