Here are the mysteries of Venice, a magical city, of love, of culture. Venice of the thousand bridges and gondolas flush with water. The city of lovers known all over the world, arouses romance everywhere.

Mysteries of Venice: The Missing Column

St. Mark’s, the columns, originally, were three.
Or so it is rumoured.

Legend has it that during transport operations, the missing column slipped into the lagoon water, sinking. Looks like the column’s still there, waiting for someone to bring it back to shine.

Mysteries of Venice: The Ghost of the Biennale Gardens

A legend that comes from as far back as 1921.
Near garibaldi’s statue, located inside the gardens of the biennial, a ghost made an appearance harassing passers-by.
It seems that it was Giuseppe Zolli, garibaldian soldier, who had sworn to look over his shoulder to the Hero of the two Worlds even as a dead man.

So what did the Venetians do?

They decided to build a bronze bodyguard right behind Garibaldi’s shoulders.
Since that day, the ghost has not reappeared.

The Cursed Palace

An elegant building that, however, does not enjoy excellent fame. It seems that since its construction, all those who bought the house have been brutally killed or committed suicide. We are talking about 9 owners between 1764 and 1993.

There are those who think that the palace was built on a Templar cemetery, and that the house is haunted by the ghosts of the owners.

Would you get into it?

Doge’s Palace and the Worn Column

Admiring the columns of the first loggia of the Doge’s Palace you can easily identify two of a somewhat different color, which are the ones where the death sentences were read. Among the columns was also offered the last hope to the condemned: on the side of the palace that gives on the sea, anyone who had turned around the column without falling, would have saved himself. Very difficult undertaking.

mysteries of Venice, St. Mark's Square at night

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